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Summit North Manchester

In the wonderful city of Manchester today attending Accountex Summit North, to hear from industry experts and top up on CPD hours along the way.

Never are these events more valuable than during volatile economic times like these, to help build positivity and resilience across the finance industry and the businesses it serves.

Nice to hear Samantha Mitcham FMAAT and Lydia Read-Potter MAAT’s experiences and challenges in their first few years in Practice, much of which sounded very familiar. Thank you also Heather Townsend, Will Farnell, Bev Flanagan, Carl Reader - Keynote Speaker / Author, Jo Edwards, Katie Hoare and Ria-Jaine Lincoln MAAT for your insights and time, as well Richard Fowler for skilfully negotiating the IT gremlins to deliver an update on MTD.

A long but rewarding day.


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