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Your 23-24 Self Assessment Tax Return

Updated: May 1

Self assessment Drop-In Clinic

For individuals and family members who are not already a corporate client of this Practice, we facilitate the delivery of personal tax returns via live sessions at our unique Self Assessment Drop In Clinic.

About the session

Sessions are available on Fridays between 1st May and 30th November.

You can book your session via our booking system here:

Please note: there is a minimum lead time of 10 days to enable adequate time for us to gain agent authorisation from HMRC (if applicable) and prepare for our meeting.

If we do not have agent authorisation in place, we will raise a request upon receipt of your booking. An authorisation code will be dispatched to your home address. Please share this code with us. If this code has not been shared with us 72 hours before the session is due to start, the session will need to be rescheduled.

What happens in the session


In these sessions, we would discuss your earnings, agree your declarations and review a draft calculation together, with a view to approving the return for filing.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout, about your tax return itself, but also perhaps about any other general queries you may have.


Upon conclusion of the call, the return will be prepared and filed the same day, the details of which are shared with you along with any tax charges or rebates, and the dates by which amounts should be settled.




The session defaults to a Zoom call, although if you would prefer this to be in person and you reside in the area, please get in touch to see if I can accommodate at one of our two locations.



The fee for your return is normally quoted upon enquiry, prior to you making the booking. The fee is derived by the type and quantity of earnings to declare, and the complexity and level of responsibility involved.

An invoice will be sent to you around the time of the call to be settled via BACs transfer.

Please provide the following


You will need to provide the following in advance of, or during, the session:


Note: Ensure that you are fully prepared for the session. This booking is accepted on the basis that you will be able to provide access to all relevant information in advance of, or during, the session.


If you are in any doubt as to what information is required, please contact me.

  • Proof of ID

  • Proof of address

  • Access to your Computer or Tablet

  • Access to your email account during the session


In support of your earnings:


  • If you have employment income – Your P60 (if you were in employment on 05 Apr), Your P45 (if you left an employer in the year), and your P11d (if you received untaxed benefits)

  • If you were self-employed – Details of your income and allowable expenditure in the year

  • If you had income from rental property or holiday lets – Details of your income and allowable expenditure in the year

  • If you sold any assets subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – Details of your sale proceeds and allowable expenditure

  • Details of any dividend or interest income in the year

  • Details of any untaxed pension income

  • Details of any pension contributions on which you have not received full tax relief

  • Details of Child benefit claims made in the period

  • If you feel you have other relevant areas of income, please bring along for us to talk through


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